George Strait

George Strait Impact Gel Video

Leg Care

Protective Boots:
Impact Gel has done it again....

Air Flow

Air Flow XT, DXT and LDXT Lite by Impact Gel

Load Deflection

LD XT Lite Load Deflection Platform by Impact Gel

Pinch Test

1/2" Underlayment Pad Pinch Test by Impact Gel

Underlayment Pad

Underlayment Pad by Impact Gel


How to Clean a Impact Gel Saddle Pad

Made in the USA

How a Saddle Pad is Made in the USA by Impact Gel

M&M Demo

M&M Demo Short


Impact Gel iPad

How is Made

How Impact Gel is Made.

Tonight Show

Billy Mays on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Discovery Channel

Impact Gel on the Discovery Channel.


Impact Gel on the Discovery Channel PitchMen.

Billy Mays

Billy Mays and the impact guys smash and squash the impact gel

Bomb Testing

Bomb Testing with Impact Gel.

New's 8

Impact Gel on New's 8.

Dr. James Losito

Dr. James Losito describes the outstanding performance of...

How Impact gel works

Matt Kriesel explains how Impact gel works.

Hammer vs. M&Ms

Hammer vs. M&Ms

George Strait

George Strait talks about his experience with Impact Gel.

Geoff Bodine

Hall Of Fame Driver Geoff Bodine
Clip 1

Geoff Bodine

Hall Of Fame Driver Geoff Bodine
Clip 2


Impact Gel Equine.

Xtreme Armor

The Manchester Monarchs use The Xtreme Armor footshield as......

iPhone vs Brick

Impact Gel iPhone case vs Brick