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Our Vision,
Provide customers with the most practical, innovative, and value-added impact reducing and pressure distributing gel-based products.

Currently we offer our impact reducing gel in the following products:Impact Gel Saddle Pad huntersbend 1437-3


Solid Color Ranch - Saddle Pads
Western Contour - Saddle Pads
Western Straight back - Saddle Pads
Barrel Contour - Saddle Pads
Navajo. - Saddle Pads
English style pads are available in Cotton work pad and a gallop pad.
Saddle Seat Saver
Impact Gel Trailer MatImpact Gel Insole
Sports / Footwear
Insole World's Greatest Insole
All Gel Shoe Insert
Comfy Heels
Extreme Armor Hockey Foot Shield Impact Gel Mile Busters
Motorcycle Seats
Impact Gel Mile Busters
All Gel Mile Busters
Other Projects
Gel Support Mattress
Raw Gel

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