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Designed to utilize the full impact absorbing power of Impact Gel providing ultimate cushioning. Antimicrobial footbed construction helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and reduces friction.

New Supers Insole

Impact Gel’s insoles are designed for full comfort, incorporating our unique gel in a 1/8” layer of gel across the top and PU foam on the bottom. They are designed for men’s and women’s athletic shoes, work boots and casual shoes. Remove the manufacturer’s insole and replace it with the Impact Gel insole for best results.



World's Greatest Insole

Impact Gel's insoles are designed for full comfort for the ball and heel of the foot. Ideally designed for men's and women's athletic shoes as well as work boots, and men's casual shoes where there is ample space to replace the original manufacturer's insole with Impact Gel Insole. Remove the manufacturer's insole and replace it with the Impact Gel Insole for best results.


All Gel Shoe Insert

Impact Gel inserts provide a uniform layer of gel, approximately 2 mm thick. These inserts are very thin, designed specifically for dress shoes, sandals, or any type of tighter fitting shoe. They also fit well above or below the insole of a men’s or women’s dress shoe to provide maximum cushion and comfort.


Impact Gel Comfy Heels

Impact Gel’s Comfy Heels provide maximum comfort and protection to the heel of a shoe or boot.  They are ideal for cowboy boots or women’s dress shoes, where space through the arch and toes is limited, but the need for comfort and cushion in the heel is critical.

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